Feature Items

  • Hollywood Buzz Rack

    Keep your bikes high and your gear dry on your next road trip. Hollywood's Buzz Rack is a rack and bag system that allows you to carry two bikes and gear on your… [more]

  • Trek Neko SL WSD (Gary Fisher Collection) - 2013

    Trek's go-anywhere Neko SL is road-bike fast, trail-bike capable and fun everywhere. The Neko SL sports a spry aluminum frame modeled after 29-inch mountain bikes with… [more]

  • Trek Madone 7.9 - 2013

    The absolute pinnacle of aerodynamics, weight, technology, performance and ride feel, Trek's Madone 7 Series is the ultimate dream bike. Hand built in the USA using… [more]

  • Trek Domane 6 Series - 2013

    Trek's Domane was in secret development for three years. Then, they gave it to Fabian Cancellara to race. It won. Yep, first race out of the box, it took the Strade… [more]




The Trek 7 Series Madone is more aerodynamic than anything before and BIKEFIT is proud to carry this next era of road race bike. Stop in soon and see for yourself why fast is everything!





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Bikeskills Presents Roots, Rocks & Water Crossings

The wonderful thing about cycling is that there’s always room to improve. That’s why we’re sharing this helpful Bikeskills video. Swing by the shop and we'll get you set up with the right bike and gear for the job too!

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